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This is a blog with a simple target – 300,000,000 pennies. The aim is to raise £3 m. by getting a large number of people to give the price of a pint or two – £1 to £5. How? by spreading the word…. The MP trust does not specify a fundraising ‘target’ as this is impossible to quantify but states the need for a significant “seven-figure sum over the lifetime of the trust” so this is my personal target. Read more

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Sept 17 News Flash

Unexpectedly, I won the Kona slot for my age group and so the suggested donation is the £5 rather than that suggested (£2) for my time which was a not-too-hot 14.47 but, quite simply, this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. For those interested the report and  Read More

TV programme on Channel 4

IRONMAN Wales on TV IRONMAN Wales will be on TV this Sunday as part of the IRONMAN TV Series. The programme will be on Channel 4 at 6:35am or an hour later on Channel 4+1, it will also be shown on Channel 4 HD.

Saturday 15th September – one day to go

Today, was my 66th birthday.  It was the soberest ever. I was (I say “was” because I am writing this post the event on the 17th for reasons that will be apparent if not obvious) staying in an hotel with – wait for it  – no broad band! The day started  Read More

Personal Video of the Race

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